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What is Cialis?

Cialis is a shelf name for a drug called tadalafil. Tadalafil is a drug that relaxes the smallest muscles present in the body. These muscles are present in the veins and they control the flow of blood through the body. Cialis controls these muscles and allows maximum flow of blood to certain areas of the body. Mostly this flow of blood is directed towards male reproductive organ in order to treat erectile dysfunction.

How Cialis Works                                                  

Cialis is a medication that performs two different functions at the same time. The first function is to relax the muscles in the vein so that they are wide open to allow maximum blood flow. The second function of this medication is to increase the heart rate which pumps more blood towards the male reproductive organ to give a proper erection. The majority of people buy Cialis to improve their sexual life.

Uses of Cialis

Doctors use Cialis in order to treat patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and other such problems.

Many people take Cialis in order to improve their sexual life because the erection obtained by using Cialis lasts much longer giving maximum pleasure. Cialis is a prescription medication so you will need to buy Cialis online without prescription to have some great time.

Dosage of Cialis

The average prescribed dosage of Cialis is 10 mg only. Any dosage over this safe limit could be really harmful to the body. Most of the people think that taking an extra dose of Cialis will result in a better erection but that’s not true and extra dose will just prove to be harmful and could cause pain.

Precautions Related To Cialis

Cialis is not a medication for people who are suffering from heart diseases. Cialis increases the heart rate which could be really harmful to the hearts of people and this could result in a heart attack.

An overdose of Cialis could cause a prolonged erection which could last for a few hours. Such an erection could be really harmful to the body because it puts stress on the muscles in the abdominal area.

Possible Side Effects of Cialis

Cialis can cause weakness because after taking Cialis the body starts working at a higher pace. The heart rate is increased, breathing increases and stress on the muscles increases due to which one could feel week and even faint. So avoid taking it on a regular basis once you buy Cialis online.

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Cialis (20mg)

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