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What is Viagra?

Viagra is a really popular medication and the majority of people have heard its name at some stage in their lives. Viagra has been available on the market shelves for decades not and people have used it in large quantities over time. It has been considered a necessity by many people who wish to enjoy their lives to the fullest. While many people take this medication to improve their sexual life there are many other who take this medication to treat problems such as erectile dysfunction.

How Viagra Works                                                  

Viagra works in two stages. In the first stage, it relaxes the muscles in the veins that are heading towards the male reproductive organ. As a result of this, these veins open up to allow more blood to flow through them. In second stage Viagra increases the heart rate which increases the blood flow. After both these stages are complete a full erection occurs and this erection lasts longer than a normal erection.

Dosage of Viagra

Viagra usually comes in 50 mg dosage tablets. Usually, doctors prescribe patients to take this medication at least 30 minutes prior to the time they wish to have a full erection. The dosage of Viagra could be increased to 100 mg only if needed. Most of the people buy Viagra online and then take an overdose thinking that it will give a longer and better erection but this doesn’t happen and one has to cope with side effects. So always buy Viagra in limited quantity and use it wisely.

Precautions Related To Viagra

There are many precautions related to Viagra and one should abide by all the precautions in order to avoid side effects and enjoy their sexual life. The most important precaution is that it should never be taken by people with a history of heart problems such as high blood pressure or a heart attack. Viagra can also cause complexities for people who are suffering from liver problems. Always keep your medical history in mind as you buy Viagra online without prescription.

Possible Side Effects of Viagra

One side effect that many people get from Viagra is a prolonged erection that could last for a few hours, such an erection could be really painful at times. Apart from this people suffer from increased heart rates mostly. All this, when combined, could cause weakness and dizziness so always eat something before ingesting a Viagra tablet.

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Viagra Super Active (Sildenafil Citrate)

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