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This pack of peptides is ideal for weight loss. Lifetech Labs is the best laboratory for peptides and growth hormones on the market and recognized as such in the field of bodybuilding. MOD-GRF (1-29) is a GHRH formerly known as CJC-1295.Fragment 176-191 is the best peptide for weight loss. Pack for 1 month of complete treatment.

This pack will bring you:

  • An amazing weight loss.
  • An increase in your strength.
  • Very dry and ripped muscles.
  • Low fat content in the abdomen and lower abdomen.
  • Very defined abs.
  • You will get a quality muscle mass gain if you watch your diet, consuming high protein and no fat.

  • 1 Box of 10 Vials of MOD-GRF (1-29), 1.8mg / vial.
  • 1 Box of 10 Vials of FRAGMENT 176-191, 1.8mg / vial.

  • Week 1 to 4 : Take 600mcg a day of MOD-GRF (1-29).
  • Week 1 to 4 : Take 600mcg a day of FRAGMENT 176-191 (see datasheet for sporting level dosage).

  • Allocation of doses during the day: Take 300mcg MOD GRF (1-29) and 300mcg Fragment of 176-191 in the morning, ditto in the evening before bedtime.
  • For more specific details on the preparation and dissolution of peptides, kindly look at the relevant product page.
  • As you know, all the peptides can be mixed together in the same syringe to reduce number of daily injections.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during your treatment; drink plenty of water (minimum 3 liters per day) to make sure your kidneys are working perfectly.

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Fragment 176-191

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